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 Engineered Timber


Hybeam is an "I" section manufactured with Hyspan LVL top and bottom flanges, and incorporating conventional structural plywood for webs. The product is ideal for Floor Joists and Rafters.


HJ 200
HJ 240
HJ 246
HJ 300
HJ 360


200 mm
240 mm
246 mm
300 mm
360 mm


47 mm
47 mm
57 mm
63 mm
63 mm


HYBEAM is the most cost effective option for Floor Joists. It provides the same straightness and long length advantages offered by HYSPAN and further provides a lighter weight product that can be cut to incorporate holes for plumbing and other services.

The technical information provided by the manufacturer of HYBEAM incorporates all of the detail necessary to construct fully Engineered Floors.